Cash in on Dating: PageRank, Traffic, SEO, Expired Names will help; MORE

Adult DatingOnline dating sites are on the rise and so are opportunities for domainers and internet marketers looking to cash in. 

If you’ve been looking to get in on the action and use some great domains that already come with traffic, page rank, huge amounts of search volume and more – here are some domain names that are expiring that will be up for auction over at NameJet.
In 1999, was a website dedicated to facilitating connections between ideas and people and to increasing the quality of connections that people make within and across cultures. gets over 1,000 unique type in visitors per month and in 2009 had some months near 2,000 visitors.  The URL has a page rank value of 4 from 10 possible points.
Going back to the late nineties through 2005, was an adult oriented site and the site provided listings of adult products and services. doesnt’ register any traffic with Compete and has a page rank score of 0, but it’s a great domain for branding a dating or adult web site. is listed as a Premium Domain for sale at GoDaddy for $1,688.
Since the early days of the internet, has been just that – a website for helping people looking for love for every need, lifestyle and fetish.  The website was a simple 1 page landing page with a lot of affiliate links to a variety of Adult Friend Finder websites. Since April 2009, the site’s traffic has been flat and the page rank is 0, but the Monthly Search Volume Globally for the term “Adult Personals” was over 60,000 in January.  That’s Exact Match Type.
While this is a .org, the term “adult dating” had a Global Monthly Search Volume of 1,500,000 in January 2010.  That’s over 1 million exact searches globally.  Locally, it was nearly 75,000.  That’s a killer name. has been on the web since the nineties and comes with a page rank of 3 out of 10.  The URL receives hundreds of type in visitors per month, and could definitely help an individual or organization looking to make a splash in the online dating scene. an expired domain name that recently went to NameJet auction, is currently bidding at $3,933 with still a day to go.  The name has over 200 bidders.