ChatRoulette Copycat domain names and websites, will they be successful? History shows…

Camroulette Girl

The extremely popular website that connects people with strangers through live video has fueled the growth of “roulette” domain registrations and websites over the last several weeks. Of course, copycats will pop up all over the internet any time a phenomenon like this takes place.

But will the copycats be successful?

History shows us that they have a good chance. It might just be a handful of crafty, quick to market webmasters. Like YouTube and MySpace, the popularity of related websites and domains gained serious momentum when business ideas were put behind them. Tube-related domains have cashed in big time. And copycats of will likely enjoy success, some more than others, but there are plenty of examples to demonstrate how well copycatting works – both with domain registrations and websites. sold for $100,659 on Sedo in 2008. Not a bad sale. And without the popularity of YouTube: NudeTube the domain, stood no chance. Domain sales in the five figure range are everywhere when it comes to “My” domains – made popular by MySpace. The number of free adult video sites in the top 100 of Alexa benefiting off the YouTube model is high. But it’s not just websites.

One of the most notable domain sales of recent, was for $151,000.  The new owners quickly launched the site this week.  The previous high dollar sale on record for a Roulette domain was for $30,000 in 2009.  Even we doubted the sale of CamRoulette. Despite the popularity of ChatRoulette, we just never saw the domain actually changing hands, but it became quickly apparent how wrong we were about the sale.

Now there are even scripts available if you’re looking to start your own website. featured CamDemo recently, who provide a script for webmasters:

ChatRoulette hit so hard that about a dozen copycats cropped up within a week. Of course, the basic concept was hard to beat because it combined something incredibly simple with something useful (and entertaining) in itself. None of these copycats held a candle to the original, but people was bound to try. And if you think that you have what it takes for upstaging the Russian startup yet your lack of technical knowledge is keeping you from trying, then you will find this site remarkable. In a nutshell, here you can procure a script that clones ChatRoulette’s random chat functionalities. Not only that, it is all fueled by Adobe Stratus peer-to-peer technology…

It won’t be long before a handful of the copy cat Roulette sites start rising in traffic. It’ll be interesting to see which ones stick around.