New Compete Rankings Released, Flirts with nearly 2 Million Visitors in March

"Chatroulette Girl"If you enjoy keeping an eye on unique monthly visitors to your domain names, just released their numbers for March 2010.

The public numbers are great for marketing purposes and valuable when it comes to understanding traffic, especially when you don’t have direct access to website analytics on your domain names and websites, or others.

Compete makes it easy to chart the traffic numbers over time., the new website making a splash in the news, finally topped 1 million unique visitors for the first time last month. In fact, it almost hit 2 Million visitors with 1,995,653 people visiting the site in March (almost 10% of the traffic that Twitter receives).

Amazing how quickly a web sensation can rise to meteoric numbers. Will it continue to rise? Check Compete next month to find out. dropped slightly, staying flat at just over 21 million unique visitors in March.