Affiliate Marketing Guru Jeremy Schoemaker shares how he got the Domain Name

"Shoemoney Girls"

Overweight at 420 lbs, living on a friend’s couch, smoking two packs of cigarettes per day, and in debt over $50,000 – Jeremy Schoemaker’s blog is a really inspirational story and blog that is read by thousands on a regular basis, by people hoping to enjoy even a small part of his success.

In 2003, Jeremy took the plunge and started his own business. 

His first venture was, the blog.

Earlier this week, Jeremy celebrated six years of blogging after making millions of dollars in short time, starting his own marketing system and turning around his situation on his own. In addition to celebrating his blog’s six year anniversary, he also shared how he landed the domain name which has become it’s own brand within affiliate marketing.

How’d he land the name?

Hand registered? Aftermarket?  In Jeremy’s own words:

I originally tried to register the site in 2002 but it was owned by someone else…. so I used Godaddy’s backorder service and kind of forgot about it.

Then on May 20th 2004 I got a email from godaddy that the domain had dropped and I could register it (dropped services then are not what they are today). I snapped it up and started writing. Back then I was using postnuke as my blogging platform.