Francis King is the King of Typo Domains

Chatroulette Girl

People seeking to cash in on the popularity of by purchasing typos of the massively popular website, have seen a momentum in traffic. While will likely not see a drop in popularity anytime soon, the website puts typos at a strong advantage with the somewhat difficult to spell “Roulette” word in the name.

Entrepreneurs make their decisions to set up shop on the internet based on a number of factors, and for some acquiring the typo of a URL that is performing – with nearly 2 million unique visitors in March 2010 and climbing at an astronomical pace.

Francis King, pretty much owns them all

One of the more common typos, — reported nearly 18,000 unique visitors in March 2010. The owner of the name, Ho Nim based in Shanghai, according to Registrant records owns nearly 200,000 domain names. But there is another person who appears to hold the record when it comes to typo domain names of ChatRoulette…

Francis King. He owns many and they have traffic. experienced 14,000 unique visitors in March 2010. Francis King registered the name in early December 2009 and has a parked page monetized with webcam and livestreaming ads., also owned by Francis King, flirted with 10,000 visitors in March.

He also owns,,, and others – including

Though web traffic is a good thing, it might not be the right move when purchasing typo domain names of sites that are targets for acquisition. Rumors are circulating concerning a possible buyout, but Andrey Ternovsky, the 17-year-old Russian founder of Chatroulette has been staying lowkey when it comes to talking about investors, advertising and selling.

If a big company swoops in and buys the website that is quickly becoming a household name, there is a possibility at some point they might bring cases against domain name typos.

Are there any Typo domain names left?

By the looks of things, the short answer is No. A shortlist of popular typos below was checked for availability, and every name in the list had already been registered.