Hang onto those Roulette domains, more just sold on the Aftermarket and picked up good prices

Camroulette Girls

Everyone’s talking about ChatRoulette. And these days hot trends can be expected to help a lucky few cash in.

One of the most notable domain sales of recent, was CamRoulette.com for $151,000. And other owners of roulette domains are ringing in sales. Sedo reported the sale of PornRoulette.com for $11,251 USD which just changed hands. And GuyRoulette.com also sold on Sedo for $1,500 – which was just recently registered in February 2010.

While the reported growth of sales might take some time to pick up, “tube” domains are still selling like hotcakes. In 2009 alone, there were a number of sales like DownloadTube.com for $33,000, LocalTube.com for $11,000 and others – and that’s years later after the popularity of YouTube skyrocketed online.

A waste of money to roll the dice on Roulette domains?

With so many roulette domains being registered, it’s a lot like sitting on a lottery ticket that could hold the winning numbers. You can go into it registering hundreds of names and have no luck and waste a lot of money, or you could try your hand at registering just a few that might just sell.

Looking at NameBio or past reported sales, might give you an idea as to what other “tube” domains have sold. For example, HugeTube.com sold for $25,350 in 2008.

Is HugeRoulette.com still available?

Not anymore. Just registered. You can’t win, if you don’t play.