Website Traffic comes to, ‘Thanks’ to ChatRoulette

Chatroulette Girl ToplessChatRoulette has been the topic recently here – from ChatRoulette copycat sites, Roulette-domain names, big ticket domain sales, even ChatRoulette typo domains. And for good reason – Chat Roulette has experience a meteoric rise in traffic, which has seen the website go from under 500 visitors in November 2009 to 2 million visitors in March 2010.

People are cashing in on the ChatRoulette craze – even with images and screenshots.

Image SEO Pays Off

You may have already noticed, but each post that appears here on includes a picture to help tell the story and because “image SEO” brings traffic.

Type “Chatroulette” into Google Image Search (Moderate), and is in the Top 10 results. Type in “Chatroulette Girl” or “Girl Chatroulette”, and is #1.

It’s amazing how easy and quick image SEO can work to get traffic back to a blog.

In case you’re interested, RagePank SEO has a helpful article on ranking images for Google Image search and other search engines.


We've lost a bit of ranking since this post first went online, but still in the Top 20. And for some search terms, we're # 1.