Another Domain Name Sells for Big Bucks, This Time for $47,500

Webcam RouletteRon Jackson just posted his official weekly domain sales report, and according to the sales chart sold for $47,000 at the Moniker /iGaming auction held earlier this month. The highest domain sale of the auction was for $400,000, in auction that had few reported sales compared to Moniker / SnapNames auctions.

The sale of wasn’t previously reported – or at least the sale was difficult to find online until now. There was an extended auction as well that included over 600 domain names, but again, results are difficult to track, unless you’re monitoring the auction live.

The buyer of appears to be Xedoc Holding SA (or at least that’s where the registrant records are pointing), who look to be capitalizing on the Chat Roulette craze that is erupting online. which sold earlier this year for $151,000, experienced a dip in traffic in the month of May, dropping from nearly 12,000 visitors in April to under 6,000 unique visitors in May. In March, reported over 2,000 unique visitors according to The site now points to – a website dedicated to adult live cams.

Will copycat domain names and websites be successful?

History shows the ones that get in early and target adult content, have a shot. If you own some roulette domains, you may want to hang onto them – and also sold this year through Sedo.

Will we see more CamRoulette-type domain names sell this year? It’s still early.

There are still plenty of hand registered variations available like