Does anyone really care about the .CO landrush, asks Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney

.com Domain NamesNext week the .CO Landrush takes place starting June 21 through mid-July. General availability begins July 20 once the global sunrise and landrush processes are complete. Jeremy Schoemaker of, recently wrote a post about the .co landrush and asked his readers whether anyone cares?

Well, obviously, domain investors care. Sadly, there is going to be no shortage of domain names as a flood of new top level domains will ultimately hit the market. So that’s where .CO stands to do well with more companies getting on board like TechCrunch and Twitter – AND – the close similarities between the .COM extension and the .CO extension are appealing to many, especially given its type-in potential due to typos.

More than a few of Jeremey Schoemaker’s readers chimed in. Here is what some readers had to say:

.CO is the best type-in domain extension typo there will be.
Just do a search on for,,
You will see that .CO is the most mis-typed extension of .com.
That’s the simple fact behind why it is so popular.

yeah, i wouldn’t waste money on these. I got some cool .me that did absolutely nothing. Just a waste of time and cash.

Didn’t everyone get super excited about .mobi? That never went anywhere. I think I’ll wait until after the landrush to investigate the leftovers.

Huh. Is this about typo traffic?

I wanted but it was taken