.CO Web Addresses Registered to Date, Tops 300,000

"Angel List"

Angellist landed Angel.co as part of the .CO Founders Program. According to Opportunity.co, which features several domains already developed, Angel Investors play a vital part in getting some of the world's most innovative startups up and running. Angel.co brings Angels Investors and Startups together!

.CO domain registrations has passed the 300,000 mark, the .CO registry is reporting on its home page.

People of all walks of life – speculators, companies, individuals – are registering the domain names.  The .CO registry celebrated its launch of the domain to the general public earlier this week, with much fanfare, and hopes of the domain avoiding the same stigma that has plagued other domains such as .biz, .tel, and .mobi.

To put 300,000 registrations in perspective, .biz the domain that is intended to be used for businesses only has 2 million registrations and change to date.   The .biz extension was created in 2001.

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DUHHHHH! .com will thank .co PERHAPS the opposite because .co will get error typing and regular visit equal to .com as time goes on! don't hate because you couldn't get any .co's DUHHHHH!!

Bill Kara
Bill Kara

300000 .com owners will thank these guys if they ever build these .co out. Which they wont.