Jeremy Schoemaker shares his stories of facing adversity, and becoming a millionaire

"Shoemoney System"

In Jeremy's newest free video, he shares how adversity is opportunity with real-world examples

Some successful Internet businessmen are a bit of an enigma, particularly in their writings.  Take Rick Schwartz for example, we all know he’s successful when it comes to the Domain industry, but the odds of him making it in today’s Domain Industry (in my opinion) when starting from scratch seem all the more improbable when you learn about his hand-registered domains – names that deal with BP trademarks for example.  

Rick Schwartz’ blog posts are difficult to understand for many, especially if you don’t have a degree in philosophy.

Some get inspired by success stories, some by music, and others by random quotes.

But for every Rick Schwartz, there are dozens more successful internet marketers and domain investors who write straightforward, unambiguous stories to help those taking a leap into the online world of making money.

Jeremy Schoemaker of is clear-cut

Today, Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoemoney, shared a free video with his readers in an email sent to subscribers of his newsletter.

Its a story about how I thought my “making money online” world was coming crashing down,  but instead it was just the kick in the ass I needed to implement some changes that netted me some huge profits.
I have never publicly told the story before and I really think you will enjoy it.

While sitting at his pool with a Shoemoney logo painted at the bottom, Jeremy talks about his mobile ringtone business and the legal issues it attracted with copyrighted content.  He takes viewers through the RIAA contacting him and facing huge legal fees, to making a quarter of a million dollars over the next 30 days.

I’m not saying Jeremy Schoemaker has the answers, but in my opinion Jeremy does a much better job of explaining things.  Best of all, it doesn’t require a decoder ring to figure out the point.

It’s a free video, but like any good internet marketer, to view it, you have to subscribe to his mailing list.


LOL Shane.  Just drawing a comparison between storytelling.  We have nothing against Rick, just making our own observations - and writing about Rick draws reader's interests.  Gotta say, I enjoy your blog posts too, especially with the twist of humor you add each morning.


You could have just told the Shoemoney story without bringing Rick into it.  Love your stuff but you and Rick need to hug this out.