Owner of BlakeLively.com quickly launches site after explicit photo scandal

Blake Lively website

Never mind Weinergate.  The Blake Lively nude photo scandal is so much more interesting. 

“Blake Lively’s people say those nude pics are definitely NOT her — even though the hacker says otherwise. So, the one fact we’re sure of is … ‘NOT Blake Lively’ is smoking hot … whoever she is,” writes TMZ.

Last week as the scandalous photos drew worldwide attention, the owner of the domain name blakelively.com promised to launch a website

Today the site launched.

Celebrity domain names

The owner who goes by the name “oranges arecool XD” owns over 600 domain names, a large percentage of which are celebrity domains like faith-hill.us, keyshiacole.org, and audrina-patridge.org.

According to FoxNews on June 3, Blake Lively’s scandalous week put her at the top of web searches, so you can be sure the newest site by “oranges arecool XD” is sure to draw interest, even if it’s not Blake Lively’s official site.

Whether the domain will end up in dispute, time will tell. 

The most recent celebrity name dispute at WIPO is over ivankakushner.com filed by Ivanka Trump Marks LLC.  Ivanka Trump married Jared Corey Kushner in 2009, but even though she won’t give up her famous last name, maybe that will change if she wins the dispute over ivankakushner.com.