Facebook acquires the domain name Instachecker dot-com


According to WHOIS records, Facebook is now the owner of the domain Instachecker.com. Facebook acquired the name through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. Considering the word "insta" in the domain, instachecker likely has something to do with Instagram, the online … [Read more...]

Facebook to launch Publishing Garage to help brands create better connections


It may not be official just yet, but all signs point to Facebook launching Facebook Publishing Garage, "a program geared at building world-class social publishing systems that enable brands to create the most meaningful connections with their connections and their friends through News Feed … [Read more...]

Facebook registers ‘Facebook Live Staging’ .com, .net, and .org domains

Facebook Live Staging

In late November, Facebook revised its long-standing terms with Zynga, and in doing so, it opened up more opportunities for game developers. Only a day after Zynga filed a document with the SEC outlining new terms in its agreement, Facebook registered a handful of domains around the term "Live … [Read more...]

What’s Facebook got planned? Company registers Facebook Supplier domains

Facebook Suppliers

Domain name registrations made this week suggest that social networking site Facebook might be planning something new.  The company registered a handful of "Facebook Supplier" domain names like FacebookSuppliers.com and FacebookSuppliers.org, hinting at a new service or product. While Facebook … [Read more...]

Facebook Inc. gets control of the massive typo domain name wwwFacebook.com

Facebook logo

A common typo of a web address, often happens when a person leaves out the period "." after the "www" when typing the domain into a browser.  In fact, hundreds of disputes have been filed over these types of domains over the years, with nearly every case decided in favor of the complainant.  Now, … [Read more...]

Facebook registers Studio Edge domains on the same day of Camera App launch

Facebook Studio Edge

Facebook just introduced Camera, a new mobile app that makes using Facebook photos faster and easier.  And on the very same day of the announcement, it appears Facebook privately registered Facebook Studio Edge domain names like FacebookStudioEdge.com. On May 24, 2012, the dotcom, dotnet and … [Read more...]

Facebook gets control of FacebookofSex domain from FriendFinder Networks


A couple weeks back I wrote about how Facebook snagged FacebookofSex.xxx.   Now, almost a year after filing a trademark lawsuit [PDF] against FriendFinder Networks over the once popular adult website FacebookOfSex.com, Facebook owns the rights to the domain name. According to Whois records, … [Read more...]

Facebook takes control of FaceSounds dot-com, dot-info domain names

facesounds.com whois

Facebook Inc. has taken control of FaceSounds.com, which at one time offered a free search toolbar add-on to users wanting to change their Facebook chat sounds.  A quick search on the internet turned up many unhappy users who said FaceSounds spammed their friends. Previously owned by a … [Read more...]

Facebook snags adult entertainment domain name Facebookofsex dot-XXX

Facebookofsex.xxx Whois

One of the more popular phrases adult websites use to attract visitors is "Facebook of Sex".  Type the phrase into Google's search engine and the search results and sponsored ads that appear will show you just how many websites market themselves as the "Facebook of Sex". The Whois information for … [Read more...]

Facebook registers clean energy domains like Facebookcleanenergy.org


It appears Facebook may be taking its message of commitment to clean energy online. On February 6, 2012, the world's leader in social networking registered a slew of clean energy-related domain names through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor.   Facebook registered the dotcom, … [Read more...]