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Dutch Boyd, Domainer and WSOP Winner, must have made a KILLING selling to after he won WIPO

Last year when filed a UDRP complaint for the domain name which was registered by WSOP Bracelet Winner and Domainer Dutch Boyd - they lost. Not only did they lose the case, but Dutch Boyd who owns thousands of domain names himself, won a reverse domain hijacking … [Read more...]

NewMedia Holdings (Sellers of Run All of Their Category-Killer Geo Domains on a Turnkey Platform That You Can Use

As we reported early yesterday morning, Sedo brokered the deal of for $1.5 million dollars.  NewMedia Holdings, the sellers of the domain name own an impressive portfolio of domain names with a focus on geo domain names ranging from to  NewMedia uses a … [Read more...]

NewMedia Holdings sells for $1.5 Million, Rumored Buyer is Russia Standard (of

In a deal that puts it in the Top 10 sales of 2009, Sedo has brokered the sale of the domain name for $1.5 million. It looks like NewMedia Holdings has sold the name, a name they have owned and operated since 1995.  They also own some other category-killer properties including: … [Read more...]

Will Twitter Vanity URLs make a run at the Search Engines? Take a look at the Twitter URL Domain King

Twitter has revolutionized the social networking world with it's popular microblogging platform - and with it's own search Engine in real-time it's got big plans for the future. But Twitter Vanity URLs have been surprisingly successful at ranking in the search engines. Who is the Domain King of … [Read more...]

Twitter and Domaining: What Some Skeptics Call a Fad, We like to call “Good Business”

Twitter skeptics can be pretty rowdy.  They claim they don't see the value of using another social networking tool, despite the popularity of Twitter and the rising numbers.  They claim they don't get the idea about following people or having people follow them back and that it's just a waste of … [Read more...]

Domaining “the old-fashioned way”, Hand-registration. Even the Big Timers Do it

Nowadays, you get alot of people telling you Domaining can only be done with lots and lots of money, rather than doing it on the cheap.   Everything is so focused on the short-term and huge profits that there's not a lot of focus on hand-registering names and the long-term -- at least from what … [Read more...]

National A-1’s Category Killer, Prelaunch and Countdown. See how they do it.

With many of the Big Time domain portfolio owners slow to develop many of their category-killers, National A-1 is expected to be launching several.  The launch of their category-killer domain, is expected this month.  According to the page that's online right now, it looks like … [Read more...]

Domains starting with the word “The”, finding a Niche

YummyNames owns dozens of them, Mike Berkens owns literally hundreds of them.  "The" niche names are the focus of many buyers, even selective ones.  In this week's DNJournal Sales Report there were some four figure sales of "The" names including and Is there … [Read more...]

Which Great names are being snatched up on the Aftermarket for under $100 ?

Most of the big domain sales boards like Namebio rely on feeds from Sellers like Afternic or NameJet in order to report domain sales.  And the feeds that are provided, aren't always complete.  While we're definitely interested in what's selling for serious money so we can better adjust the value … [Read more...]

While Some Won’t Touch SnapNames Mess with a 10-Foot Pole, Others Might Find Opportunity

While SnapNames, Lawyers, and Domainers sort out The Halvarez MESS, our guess is that many people who would otherwise be buying-up Domains on SnapNames, are avoiding it like the Plague. That's GREAT news for Domainers like us, on the hunt for deals. You don't need a big-wallet approach to get … [Read more...]