NewMedia Holdings (Sellers of Run All of Their Category-Killer Geo Domains on a Turnkey Platform That You Can Use

Puerto Rico

As we reported early yesterday morning, Sedo brokered the deal of for $1.5 million dollars.  NewMedia Holdings, the sellers of the domain name own an impressive portfolio of domain names with a focus on geo domain names ranging from to 

NewMedia uses a Turnkey Travel Site Platform for their Geo Domains

The same framework is used on all of their geodomains – a framework that you can use to get your geodomains up and running for a cost.  According to NewMedia’s Web Consultancy at Paley Media,

Each of the Country Domains appearing on this site were created and are managed by Paley Media using our technology platform.

Our technology platform is supported by a proprietary content management system that combines industry standard web publishing software with server side tools. This solution provides our customers with full control over the design, structure and interactive functionality of thier travel sites.

Our turnkey platform includes the following features:

◦A Fully Integrated Booking Widget;
◦Advertising and Banner Managment Administration;
◦Server and Project Administration;
◦Unified Member Registration;
◦Hotel and Establishments Directory;
◦Traffic and Web Site Analysis. 

NewMedia Uses WordPress, Too, for Sites

Like and

Keeping it simple, NewMedia also uses WordPress as a solution for most of their non-geo domain names like,,, and Airplanes. 

NewMedia Holdings’ Notable Properties

NewMedia’s properties include: