Twitter and Domaining: What Some Skeptics Call a Fad, We like to call “Good Business”

"Twitter Bird"

Although it might seem like just another fad to the cynical users - the boom of Twitter on the internet works out great for domainers for a number reasons. With some bloggers earning thousands in Sponsored Tweets, organizations bringing awareness to their brand (even NASA), or simply having conversations with others you might never get a chance to meet in person --- it's wonderful.

Twitter skeptics can be pretty rowdy.  They claim they don’t see the value of using another social networking tool, despite the popularity of Twitter and the rising numbers.  They claim they don’t get the idea about following people or having people follow them back and that it’s just a waste of time. 

A lot of the skeptics say, “Who cares what other people are doing?”

Well, you’d be surprised what other people are doing – especially when they’re trying to do the same thing you’re doing in the Domaining business and they’re tweeting about it.

Getting Domain Development Help Through Twitter

We have tons of followers now, nearly 25,000 on Twitter for our Domaining account – which translates into traffic each and every time we send out a link. Whether it’s one visitor or a hundred visitors – it works out great for us, because we haven’t paid a single penny for advertising.

Last night we decided to ask our Twitter friends for HELP with SEO on one of our websites — – and the response was extraordinary.  Within seconds (not minutes) dozens of people were crawling providing us with ways to improve the SEO on the website. Not just regular readers with no background in SEO or website development, but people with years of experience in both fields.

A BIG THANKS to everyone who provided feedback, especially Tia Wood who gave us some much needed advice on things to fix (working on them now). Not just one piece of advice, but several – all value-added for us.

Followers: Quality? Quantity? You Just never know

Some of the best conversations we’ve had on Twitter are people we would’ve never expected to reach out to us. And we run several Twitter accounts to help promote all of our sites — most numbering in the thousands of followers and quickly growing.

Say what you want about Twitter, but the site is a huge help. Whether you’re plugging a product or looking for advice. It’s hard to argue with its benefit until you really try it.