Domainer & Poker Star Dutch Boyd Facing Lawsuit for Infringing Domain, Tells Lawyers “F** Off”

"Two Plus Two"

Boyd attended college at age 12 and graduated from Law School at 18. He could probably be working for any Big Firm - but instead he found a passion in poker and domain names.

Domainer and World Series of Poker Bracelet Holder Dutch Boyd is back in the news.  Boyd has been known for controversy, and a website that publishes online gambling books is going after Boyd after he registered the domain name

While Boyd no longer owns the name, he did have a website online and TwoPlusTwo wanted a full accounting of the domain name data due to the length of time the registration was owned by Boyd. gets over 150,000 unique visitors per month.

After sending several demands to Boyd for a full accounting of the domain name and website, Boyd responded by email with the message: F** off. Has the Story

Due to the length of time the registration was owned by Mr. Boyd, and his blatant infringement, we informed Boyd that the expiration of the would not resolve the dispute. At the very least, we needed to know exactly how much revenue the domain name and website had generated and how much traffic the site received. We also demanded that the domain be reclaimed and transferred back to us, as any expired domain places a mandatory 60-90 day hold before it can be registered to a new owner. A copy of our second demand letter is attached here. Boyd again refused our demands, and stated that he was “not afraid of being sued” and that Two Plus Two was “wasting its time.”

After additional back and forth emails between our lawyers and Boyd, Boyd continued to refuse our demands for a full accounting of the domain and website, and refused to enter into any sort of reasonable settlement. We sent a final demand letter to Boyd letting him know that we were out of options, and that if he didn’t want to cooperate by providing the domain name data or entering into settlement negotiations, we’d have no choice but to sue him. Boyd responded to our attorneys with a two-word email: “F*** off.” We filed our suit the next day.

We never enter into litigation lightly, and it is never our attempt to “bully” anyone. However, we take protection of our intellectual property very seriously. We’ve spent decades building up our brand from our first days as a small book publisher in Las Vegas. Today, we have sold millions of books around the world and our website continues to grow beyond anything we expected. In fact, we recently hit the one-million unique visitors per month milestone. Due to the time and money we’ve spent building our brand, and the prominent role of the Internet in our success, we cannot afford to take this type of blatant infringement lightly.

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