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Buying then Parking Pricey domain names like for $1.5M, how long will this last?  All of these names were purchased months and months ago for a lot of money. sold for $1.5 million near the top end while sold for $675,000. sold for $770,000 back in Aug. 2009.  We are talking about a lot of money  … [Read more...] sells for $350K to Hallpassmedia; Best “CASUAL GAMES” Sites; CEO talks about BUY sold for six-figures as reported by Ron Jackson's DNJournal and the news has sparked a lively discussion on the internet, especially among domainers.  The Seller cashed in BIG TIME and as Larry Fischer over at has pointed out, the extremely high sales price … [Read more...]

Will Tsavo Media be the next Demand Media? Check out their “Less than killer” domains but Popular Sites

TechCrunch and others have asked the same question over the years - is Tsavo Media the next Demand Media?  Tsavo media who own and operate a wide variety of domain names and web sites from to and to  While literally none of their web … [Read more...]

“Snooki” from MTV Jersey Shore: You Never Know Which Domain Names You Own Will Be Catchy

Whether you watch reality shows or not, you've probably heard something about Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.  Snooki (often incorrectly spelled Snookie, is the self proclaimed "guidette" from Marlboro, New York.  She made big headlines in the NEWS when a man punched her in her face during a bar … [Read more...]

Nationwide Insurance Buys for $6K for NASCAR Series; MORE SEDO Sales

Nationwide Mutual Insurance purchased the domain name for $6,000 at Sedo's GreatDomains.  Nationwide Insurance has been the title sponsor for the NASCAR Nationwide Series events since 2008.  The events are NASCAR’s second most popular racing series, supported by more than 75 … [Read more...]

Blogging about Domain Names: Landing Big Sponsor National A-1 Advertising on

While our aim is to make money developing and selling domain names, we also have a lot of interest in blogging about the industry and our own experience as domainers.  We're still figuring out the whole domaining thing - but we're enjoying it. While we don't make money full time with domain … [Read more...]

DomainingTips SnapNames Auction Nets $66,295 Falls Short of 6-Figure Goal; Valuate Appraisal $58,145

The auction held by Andrei over at DomainingTips in conjunction with SnapNames netted $66,295.   Here are the results based on the closing numbers that we took a snapshot of. $10,145 $9,075 $7,550 $7,265 … [Read more...]

Can He Do It? Trying to Raise Six Figures from Domains, Quickly

Andrei, from, has a HUGE project planned.  Now all he has to do is raise six figures in cash selling his domain portfolio over at SnapNames.  The auction which has a little more than 1 day left, already has nearly $50,000 in bids with only 10 names catching bids so far.  The top … [Read more...]

Bill Karamouzis Embraces GAMES domains; Purchased for $100K; One Savvy Domainer

Bill Karamouzis, the CEO of Hallpass Media has created quite a buzz recently in the Domain Community over his purchase of the domain name for $350,000. Bill even wrote a guest post on that shared the story of another one of his web properties - a … [Read more...]

Revealing look at Eric Borgos, his makeover & hundreds of his recent sales

With every domainer trying to keep the cash coming in, especially those with huge portfolios, Eric Borgos the Millionaire Domainer and Developer gave his portfolio of thousands of killer domains an extreme makeover.  The new web site is more than just a web page with a long list … [Read more...]