GOLF Domain Name Sales are ON FIRE, sells for $50,000; Just How Popular are Golf Names?

Paula CreamerGolf-related domain names are Hot Tickets, especially on Sedo. recently sold for $50,000 – a name that was orginally registered in 1996 and sat parked on GoDaddy for the last 5 years before selling through Sedo’s Marketplace.

The new owner looks to be based in South Korea.  The registrant information was last updated on January 29, 2010, and the new registrant is Gabia, Inc – a South Korea domain registration and services company.

Just How Popular are Golf Domains and Web sites?

The category-killer domain name – a web site that has golf news, videos and more – gets well over 1 million unique visitors per month. gets over 2 million visitors per month. 

The Exact Global Monthly Search volume for the term “Golf” was over 2.7 million searches last month alone.  “Golf Clubs” topped over 500,000, and some of the top searches involved golf accessories such as “golf balls”, “golf shoes”, and “golf bags”.

Some of the well-known Domainers like Mike Berkens of owns 100+ golf domains ranging from to  Kevin Ham owns golf domains like

One of the most popular Golf names owned by Domainers is, owned and operated by the Castello Brothers.  The site is developed and according to an interview by DNJournal, booked over $1 million in Sales in its first year as a brick and mortar business.

Golf domains are HOT.  Developed golf domains are even HOTTER., a site run by Demand Media, hit nearly 1 million unique visitors last July.  They also own, a site they purchased in 2007 that provided instructional golf videos. is now a GolfLink landing page, that takes visitors to the Golf Link web site.

Notable Golf Domain Sales over $5,000

Sedo has had a lot of success brokering the sales of golf-related domain names and even have listed for sale.  And there are plenty of golf domains expiring each and every day.  Over at NameJet, over 200 names containing “golf” appear to drop on average per day – with today’s list including and  At the time of this posting, both of those names, and literally hundreds more have 0 bidders. sold for $600,000 in February 2003 in a Private Sale sold for $55,350 in May 2006 on SnapNames sold for $31,460 in August 2009 on Sedo sold for $30,000 in November 2007 on Moniker sold for $23,970 in June 2009 on Sedo sold for $15,000 in December 2009 on Pro Forma sold for $14,200 in August 2009 on Sedo sold for $13,000 in March 2009 at Moniker/DOMAINfest Global sold for $11,500 in July 2008 on Sedo sold for $5,500 in April 2007 on Moniker