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$17,600 Domain Name, Already Up and Running by Domain Name Addict Andrew Hazen

Surprising to some, the domain name recently sold through GreatDomains for $17,600.  The name was acquired by a company that knows a little bit about the domain name and online coupon business -  All Coupons Direct not only owns and operates free coupon websites … [Read more...]

Owner of cashes in on domain name, and sells

In early January we wrote about the domain name and how the owner failed to cash in on the success of MTV's Jersey Shore reality TV series, as a blank page served as the home page instead of a destination web site for the Jersey Shore.  In January 2010, traffic to … [Read more...]

One of the most recognized pages online Expires:

One of the most recognized terms on the internet "Page Not Found" also known as HTTP 404 error has expired.  Registered since 1999, the domain name expired on February 24, 2010.  Though the keywords "Page Not Found" get a fairly low search volume (less than 1,500 searches locally) … [Read more...]

Yahoo! Continues Dumping their Domain Assets by Selling Domain Name for $25,000

In early January sold for a whopping $350,000 to Hallpass Media. Sales petered off after that for "games" domains with selling for $1,060 and selling for $300 on Snapnames - that is, until today. Sedo GreatDomains announced the sale of … [Read more...]

Another one bites the dust: Companies Going Out of Business let their Big-Money domains expire

One of the largest Pharmacy and gift shops in Northern Michigan, who also got their hands on a good domain name back in the nineties, appears to be the latest "Going out of Business" victim, with a domain name that was allowed to expire, instead of being renewed.  The domain name … [Read more...]

Domain Name of eBay Drop-off store that raised Millions in VC, Expires and ends up on Aftermarket

AuctionDrop one of the rising stars in the eBay Drop-off business in the early 2000s that had raised millions of dollars has ended up on the domain name aftermarket. The domain name expired on March 1, 2010 and is pending renewal or deletion. It's up for bidding right now at NameJet … [Read more...] sells for $25K: Follows, to lead 2010 Dating Domain Names

Another five-figure dating domain name has sold in 2010. sold for $25,000 on Sedo Great Domains. With the sale of, 2010 has seen a strong start for domains related to dating. Other top sales in 2010 include which sold for $16,722 and … [Read more...]

Domain Name Appraised at $442,000 Expires, Apparently this Company didn’t think was an asset

It's not every day you see great domains expire.  But it does seem like it's happening more and more often, with the latest domain which expired on March 1, 2010 heading to auction on NameJet.  Unit Parts Company (UPC), originally registered the name in 1995 and 10 years later, Unit Parts … [Read more...], The 25th Anniversary of the First Domain is less than a day away – What’s in store?

Aron Meystedt and made news in 2009, when which belonged to a computer manufacturer, changed owners.  In 25 years of being registered, the domain never expired and it has never changed owners.  That is, until late 2009 when the acquisition by XF investments made news all … [Read more...]

Lack of interest in domain names with high reserves, SnapNames March Auction Not Faring Very Well

The SnapNames Entertainment & Sports auction which is in progress and started on March 9, has over 500 domains up for auction, but very few bidders. Are the names priced too high or is it just plain lack of interest among buyers?  Just 7 domains have bids out of more than 500 names and the … [Read more...]