Opportunity: Number of “Group Buying” sites offering daily deals is up from 10 to 80 in less than a year

Fusible.com started covering the craze with “Group Buying” web sites in early February when the domain name HomeRun.com sold for $130,000 at Moniker. The domain was purchased by HomeRunDelivers.com who recently launched their own group buying website.


Domain Guru Kevin Ham's latest venture involves a group buying website called: GoodNews.com.

As “group buying” ventures continue to spring up on the internet – related domain names will sell, too. MassBuy.com sold for $2,700 earlier this month via NameJet and what might be one of the best buys for a domain that could be used for branding a “group buying” website and ranking well in the search engines – DailyBargains.com sold just over a week ago on Sedo’s GreatDomains for less than $11,000.

Mainstream News is all over Group Buying

And if you think there isn’t time to get involved in “group buying”, USAToday ran a story last week that discussed the group buying craze which has been fueled by bargain shoppers and social media.

Group-buying websites — Groupon, LivingSocial and dozens of smaller ones — are the latest craze among price-obsessed consumers and an evolution of social media and shopping. Groupon has grown from 400 subscribers in November 2008 to more than 4 million; 8coupons.com, which aggregates online deals, says the number of sites offering daily group deals is up from about 10 last June to at least 80.

The most popular deals tend to be restaurants and activities involving pampering. Often, the more specialized the deals, the less interest they generate, O’Shaughnessy says.

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