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New resource for Domain Developers and Domain Industry Bloggers, The Yahoo! Style Guide

Domain developers and bloggers now have a resource - The Yahoo! Style Guide.  TechCrunch, Mashable and numerous other web sites are reporting the news.  According to Yahoo!, "Polished and expanded for its public debut, "The Yahoo! Style Guide" covers the basics of grammar and punctuation plus a … [Read more...]

Domain Names and Development, “Group Buying” Weekend Edition

In the Hot world of "Group Buying" there have been a number of developments since my last blog.  There are a lot of news stories both in the Group Buying industry and Group Buying domain names. GroupOn buys Name for $12K On June 16, the domain name sold through Sedo. The … [Read more...]

Like Some Domains, Social Media Vanity URLs can be unintentionally confusing like Twitter’s @BP

Although Bryan Pendleton (the grad student, tinkerer and hacker) registered the vanity URL with Twitter early on, he's been the target of mistaken identity by people upset about the BP oil spill which continues to take a toll on the environment and economy. The official Twitter … [Read more...]

Hallpass Media launches another website from their Portfolio of Domains: (in Beta)

Hallpass Media run by Bill Kara, has launched its newest website, (currently in Beta). The casual game company that acquires and develops killer game properties unveiled earlier today, where casual gamers can adopt, dress up, care for, or play with their favorite zoo, … [Read more...] – unused internet property by 20th Century Fox, What a Shame

Independence Day, otherwise known as the Fourth of July here in the United States, commemorates the day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Contintental Congress on July 4, 1776.   Independence Day also happens to be a Fox Film that debuted in 1996 and at one point … [Read more...]

Domain King Rick Schwartz sells two more domains in the six figures, one hand registered for less $100

It's not often that Rick Schwartz sells a domain name or least shares the sale publicly.  Since the nineties, he has only sold a handful of names out of his portfolio of thousands.  But the total sales for those domains is in the millions.  The Domain King, who got his start in 1995, with the … [Read more...]

Professional Poker Player and Domainer, Dutch Boyd wins second WSOP Bracelet

He did it again. Dutch Boyd the professional poker player and domainer has won his second WSOP bracelet.  He won his second bracelet this past Sunday in the six-handed limit hold 'em event and collected over $200,000 in winnings. The buy-in for the tournament was only: $2,500. Not a bad return … [Read more...]

The Perks of Writing a Blog about Domain Names

  You can read blogs about the domain industry, however, if you spend the time to write a blog about the domain industry, there are quite a few perks that often get overlooked.  Of course, getting long term sponsors like National A-1 and Domain Tools is a big plus, but the list of perks goes much … [Read more...]

Group Buying Startup Craze shows Hand registered domain names still have lots of potential

A rush of group buying sites have hit the web in the past year using domain names like and This might surprise some of you, but a lot of the group buying sites aren't using category killer domains or even purchasing names on the aftermarket - they're hand registering … [Read more...]

Kevin Ham’s and undergoing changes

In May it appeared Kevin Ham's Gospel Media Network of domain names was taking a backseat to other ventures like and, but names within the Gospel Media Network are undergoing changes, the latest makeover to the domain name which now has a landing page that … [Read more...]