Bodog: Building a Globally Successful Business without a Category Killer Name like

"Bodog Girl"

Established in 1994 as an online gaming company, Calvin Ayre did it all with a brand name "Bodog", not a category killer domain like Casino or Gambling.

Despite building a global brand and successful online gaming operation which has experienced a meteoric rise since the mid-2000s, Calvin Ayre of Bodog still purchased in a multi million dollar deal totaling $5.85 million.

But even though Calvin didn’t build up his company on category killer names, he certainly understands the benefits of owning a category killer name.

As he added in his press release from London,

“After, we feel that is the best gaming domain in the world. Bigger even than because there are no strong brands in this space and slots are far more universal than poker. Just look at the amount of space a casino devotes to slots over poker, added to which it’s simple to spell and easy to remember. will work for us on a number of levels, not least in generating global traffic to our Bodog branded properties but also to form a number of other targeted websites including one that will be created by and for the female gambler.”

The Best of Both Worlds

Calvin Ayre has the best of both worlds. He knows how to build a successful business and brand, and now, he will blow away the competition with his acquisition.

Armed with a category killer name, and the deep branding expertise and financial pockets of Bodog – Calvin Ayre can’t be contained. The press release published earlier this week, states his plans for

BodogBrand will license to selected online gaming operators in a fashion similar to the way the Bodog brand itself is currently licensed to gaming operators worldwide. In the interim period all Bodog branded properties (,, and will use it to drive traffic to their casinos and poker offerings.