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.CO registrations edge closer to half a million domains

The number of .CO web addresses registered to date has topped 460,000, edging closer to half a million registrations.  According to the registry's home page (, the domain hit 468,435 registrations putting it on pace to surpass half a million web addresses by mid-September … [Read more...] Becomes Idealab to include Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks

Bill Gross and Idealab have been busy making changes to, a domain name the company acquired in March 2010 for an undisclosed amount.  Today, Idealab announced that was changing the company's name to, a domain name purchased on Sedo for $14,900 in early … [Read more...]

Frank Schilling scores with

It's interesting how many different types of domain names Frank Schilling owns.  I've come across NA Media landing pages often when typing a web address directly into my browser.   It seems like you can't stumble too far on the internet without encountering one of the hundreds of thousands of … [Read more...]

Husband and Wife Team, New owners of Undergoing Changes

Todd Reum, the new owner of the domain name, is using the web site to cross-promote another website he owns and operates:  Amazon Thunder, created in 2005 by Todd Reum and his wife Jeanette Reum, specializes in acai berry products.  According to the website's About Us … [Read more...]

Still Working on Updating the Fusible Web Site

Last month we switched from a custom-built web site to WordPress, a much needed makeover.  The move to WordPress gives us access to hundreds of thousands of plug-ins and tools and gives us the flexibility to make changes without paying  for development costs to perform routine … [Read more...] Winners, still time to enter and win $10,000 for telling Verisign how .com changed your life

On June 28, Mike Berkens also covered the story.  Since then, a voice over actor who uses, a man who started one site that turned into a network of 2,500 sites, a person who has connected with friends through new media, and other people have been the weekly winners of Verisign's … [Read more...]

Domain name valued at nearly $1,000,000 to headline upcoming GreatDomains auction for much less

While the competition among domain auction sites is growing, Sedo's GreatDomains has been stepping up its game.  The next Premium Domains auction is scheduled to start at GreatDomains on August 19th, and the list of names up for auction has grown to over 100 domains. Headlining the event, is … [Read more...]

Who owns the best Groupon domains?

With its traffic base nearly 7 million visitors in July 2010, Groupon has attracted plenty of attention, not only by the media and venture capital companies, but by domain name speculators looking to cash in on the company's popular name.  But not all domain names were registered after Groupon's … [Read more...]

Top .CO Domain Sales of All Time

Currently ranked as the #1 .CO domain sale of all time, the single-letter domain was purchased for $350,000 by     In the company's press release, Overstock stated the company purchased the domain in order to enhance its'  "brand recognition and retention, align with current … [Read more...]

3 Character Domain Names: Are you missing out on deals on the aftermarket?

While many domain buyers focus on keyword domain names, there's an entire market for 3-character domains, that rings up sales.  In 2010, there have been dozens and dozens of mind-blowing sales, with leading the sales charts this year after selling for $365,000 at Sedo in June.  For … [Read more...]