Crew behind Bodog, gives its own website

"" is the second highest publicly reported Slots domain sale of all-time, ahead of which sold for $31,000 in 2009. Calvin Ayre, the buyer of, also owns, one of the top 10 domain sales of all-time.

As we suspected, the purchase of for $207,000 in July 2010 was made by Calvin Ayre and his company Bodog Brand.  The purchase of followed Calvin Ayre’s acquisition of for $5.5MM.

The domain name up until this week, redirected to, but now the crew behind Bodog has given the domain its own web site.  This means the site will start ranking in the search engines.

Calvin Ayre is set to dominate the global internet when it comes to Slots with his recent acquisitions of and — and his company knows a thing or two about online gaming. 

According to Wikipedia, Calvin founded Bodog in 1994 with $10,000 to his name and rapidly evolved his brand into an online gaming and entertainment empire, becoming a billionaire – with the likes of Richard Branson who operates the Virgin empire.