Dutch Boyd: What Poker Domain Names Does He Own?

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If you’ve been following the news headlines, you’ve probably seen all the news on the possibility of legalizing online gambling in the U.S - which could be a cash windfall for owners of Poker Domains who have patiently waited for the right offer to come along.

Professional Poker Player Dutch Boyd did an interview last week where he shared interesting facts about his involvement in domain names with Mike Sullivan of SullysBlog.com

The two-time WSOP bracelet winner, not only plays poker for a living, but he deals in poker domains like HeadupsPoker.com, PocketJacks.com, CheckRaiser.com, and PokerTells.com. 

In total, Dutch Boyd owns about a thousand domain names, including non-Poker domains such as PrisonLife.com and he’s also sold Cured.com for $25,000 and PokerHost.net for $10,000.

Just what poker domains does he own is a big question fans of Dutch Boyd might be asking.  And if you’ve been wondering, Dutch has now shared several of his poker domains on his blog, names he’s trying to sell for $20 a piece.

A Sample of Poker Domains Owned by Dutch Boyd

Here’s a brief look at just a few of the Poker Domain Names, Poker Player Dutch Boyd has acquired over the years – that he’s now trying to sell.


He’s already sold many like PokerShortcuts.com and TalkPoker.net, but if you’ve been looking for semi-decent Poker domain names to brand a Poker-related website, there might be something of interest on Dutch’s list.

Online Gambling could change the Poker Domain Landscape

Though we saw virtually nothing of interest, as legalized online gambling in the US gets closer to becoming reality, the value of poker domains could very well increase. 

In 2010, the number of Poker domain sales has been relatively low, but prices have been high, with the most notable sale being Poker.org for $1,000,000 by National A-1.  Other big sales included Poker.ca for $400,000, Europoker.fr for $15,480, BigDogPoker.com for $11,000, and Pokerist.com for $11,000.


How about: PokerWHO.com PokerDoubles.com PokerPinball.com TableBluff.com PokerStyles.com and a few others.... ydnr@sbcglobal.net


Some good one's there, but probably out of my league money wise. Should be interesting to see if the online gambling bill is passed. I think things are weighing in favor of the bill being passed as this country is so strapped for revenue. Canada just recently launched it's first online gambling site in July "Billed as the first government-sanctioned online casino in North America" the site crashed within several hours of being launched due to the overwhelming volume of response. Europe is now starting to regulate online gambling and the U.S. would be stupid not to follow suit.