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Have you ever checked out  Behind every domain name, there's a story - and if you're anything like me, during the Holiday season it's always interesting to see what companies and people are doing with their domain names. In the case of, its owner Christian Riley … [Read more...]

Traffic to “Halo” domain names like taking off, despite Microsoft/Bungie not owning it

Halo: Reach, which launched earlier this month "generated more revenue in a single day than any game or movie so far in 2010 in the U.S." according to CNET News.  That's been big news for Microsoft, dominating the headlines for weeks, but what hasn't been news is the web address the company uses for … [Read more...]

The Twitter Glossary and its available domain names

The Twitter Glossary, part of the official Twitter Help Center, contains lingo used frequently to talk about the company's features and services.  Visitors can browse the definitions for "hovercards" and "promoted tweets", and believe it or not, still lurking throughout the Glossary are a number … [Read more...]

This domain is worth a lot, has over 1MM exact searches, and it’s not even registered (What’s the .Catch?)

While this news might sound pretty shocking to some domain buyers, it might be less shocking to others.   According to, the web site that provides free domain name appraisals, this popular country code top level domain name is worth $40,000.  Globally, the number of … [Read more...]

Popular Sports Domain expires: Will the NBA scoop it up?

On August 26, 2010, the domain name expired.  The name is currently pending renewal at Network Solutions by its owner.  If the name isn't renewed in time, it'll end up going to the highest bidder on NameJet.  Pre-bidding action has already attracted over 30 bidders.  The … [Read more...]

National A-1 Fixing to Launch ex-Yahoo! Domain Name

In June 2009, when Yahoo! sold off for $380,000, it made all the news.  TechCrunch even covered the sale in a story titled Yahoo Is Now Resorting To Selling Killer Domain Names On The Cheap.  The name was picked up during the Domain Roundtable auction by National A-1, in what many … [Read more...]

Stay Trendy: Twitter Trending Topic Domain Names

Twitter's popular "trending topics" indicates what newsworthy topics are grabbing people's attention on Twitter.  The trending topics that cover a broad range of categories at any given time, can also be an inspiration to domain investors looking for available domain names to hand-register or … [Read more...] “$800,000 Domain Name” launches Beta web site

Firearms enthusiasts can get a sneak peek at the Beta version of, which launched earlier this week.   The domain name which was purchased for $800,000 in March 2010 currently ranks #7 on DN Journal's Top 100 Sales Chart of 2010. had been up for auction in Moniker's live … [Read more...]

Group Buying Site WordPress Update: Demo now available for evaluation

Group Buying Site (GBS), currently the only "group buying theme" for WordPress users, announced this week access to its live demo web site.   I still haven't evaluated the software or any of its features, but many people have inquired about an evaluation so I'm providing an update to readers … [Read more...] which sold for $450,000 at Moniker, unveils new web site

While news of Twitter unveiling a new web design is drawing lots of attention, a lesser known web site that made buzz in June 2010 within the Domain Industry after selling for $450,000, also unveiled a new web design - Currently, is #10 in the highest reported … [Read more...]