A brief history of 3D domain name sales

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Ever since Stephen Douglas posted an article about 3D Domains as the next big trend for domain buyers and sellers, I’ve been more interested in learning about the space.  Domain investors have also been having a number of online discussions about 3D domains over at DN Forum, Namepros and other forums.

I decided to take a quick look at the sales history of 3D domain names using one of the best resources for domain investors: DomainTools.com – Sales History.

Some of the top publicly reported sales took place in 2010, with the sale of 3Dtv.co.uk leading the charts, selling for $22,650 in March 2010.  A web site is online and blog, run by a small team headed by the founder, Chris Conwell, who has been active on the web since 1995.  Chris Conwell is a big-time domain investor and developer.  According to the web site: ‘Chris also owns the popular gift ideas site Gadgets.co.uk and the domain name site Zycon.co.uk which has a portfolio of almost 8000 domains. He also owned one of the UK’s leading mobile phone sites, Mobiles.co.uk, until its recent sale to The Carphone Warehouse.’

3Dscience.com sold for $4,637 via Afternic in 2005.   3DScience.com is a website operated by Zygote Media Group, Inc.   The company’s mission is: ‘to be the best scientific visualization content provider to professionals and consumers while leading the industry in innovative creative development, artistic quality and service.’

Web3D.com sold in 2009 on the aftermarket site NameJet.  The price: $14,301.  3Dweb.com sold for $8,100 back in September via Sedo.  And that was just the tip of the iceberg for Sedo.

In 2010, Sedo closed several four-figure deals:

3Dweb.net €3,000.00
3D-templates.com $2,789.00
3Dwebcam.com $2,500.00
3Dmovie.com €2,499.00
3D-video.com $2,488.00
3Ddvds.com $2,200.00
3D-animation.com €1,888.00

The list of sales goes on and on.  At the time of this story, 3DPS3.com is in auction with a bid of $100.  As Mike Berkens recently discussed on his blog The Domains, Sedo hasn’t done much to clean up trademark infringing auctions.  Clearly, the auction for 3DPS3.com will draw attention – just this week Sony announced more than 50 3D-enabled games are in development for its PS3 platform.

If you have more information on 3D domain sales or tips on 3D domain names, please leave a comment below or use the Contact Us form.


  1. I have TV3D.com, the highest offer was low 5 figure. Still waiting the best end user and time to come.

  2. Fusible.com says

    Thanks for sharing. 

  3. on October 2009 I sold 3du.com for $ 35K.

  4. What a sale. 3-letter domain with 3D in the name.  The domain now re-directs to 3Dchat.com.

  5. If you’re recently hand-registered a 3D domain name, feel free to share

  6. I have True3D.com, created in 1998. Got several offers. The highest was in low $XXXX price range.

  7. I hand registered 3DInteractiveInterface.com…quite long, I know.

  8. After reading Stephen Douglas’s article and agreeing with him, I have acquired a few 3D domain names, including 3Ddirector.com, 3Dcomps.com, 3Dcalendargirl.com, 3Danimationcanada.com, 3Danimationchina.com and 3Dartdirector.com. I really believe in the trend and plan on investing in more 3Ds.  

  9. I have also invested a many 3D domains, I think these names have a very bright future…

  10. 2010 sale 3Dmovie.com €2,499.00

    No, that’s a fake. I have this domain many years.

    Best regards



  11. Fusible.com says

    Any examples of registrations?

  12. Fusible.com says

    I only registered a handful related to niches I’m familiar with.

  13. Fusible.com says

    When did you start receiving offers?

  14. Fusible.com says

    Yeah, I’ve noticed not all the sales history is accurate. Thanks for sharing

  15. i will sell the following names.
    maybe you interesting


  16. 3D is so 2010!  We have all been waiting to drop the glasses.  Since glasses-free is the next big development in 3D how about Glasses-Free.com and Autostereoscopic.com or Stereoscopic3D.com.  Even better 3-D.com would probably be the best domain to signify the new technology over the now old school 3D standard.  3D.com sold for $500,000 back in 2011 and everyone at the time thought that was a low number.  Some domain investors predicted it would sell for $5 million or more.  The industry had high hopes for 3D.  Consumers on the other hand didn’t think the glasses were all that cool.  Though $500K for a soon to be outdated technology might seem high to some.  Now it’s 2013 and 3D isn’t the hottest new technology anymore.  People are waiting for the Holy Grail of visual entertainment and digital signage.  3-D Glasses-Free is already here and in thousands of digital signage displays and homes world wide. The new 4K TV’s and tablets on the market will push 3-D into reach of everyone.  3-D 4K TV’s and Tablets can display 3-D and 4K simultaneously making entertainment and advertising jump off the screen when it’s desired.  This  technology opens up a whole new world of information display.