Full-time domain investor Elliot Silver launches DomainQuestions.com

domain questions

Whether you’re just getting started with domain names or you’re a full-time investor who has been investing since the nineties, you might have questions that you can’t find answers to. 

Elliot Silver who regularly invests and develops top domain names such as Burbank.com and DogWalker.com, also contributes to the domain community through his online blog.

Now, Elliot Silver has launched DomainQuestions.com, an online resource that allows people to ask questions about domain names and get answers from professionals and hobbyists.

Elliot Silver who regularly fields questions on his web site should be able better manage and organize the notable questions and answers that have helped many new to the industry.

In a press release sent to Fusible.com, Elliot says: 

“I receive a number of domain name related questions each day, and it is difficult to find the time to answer each question as in depth as I would like,” said Silver. “By creating this new website, I can help answer questions as often as possible, and others can also provide their own insights. I hope it becomes a valuable resource for people looking for information about domain names and domain investments.”

The challenge for many entering the domain industry is getting the right answers to commonly asked questions. 

DomainQuestions.com has only been online a couple days, but dozens of questions have already been posted.