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Domain seller may lose big at Flippa looking for a fast sale

A domain seller at Flippa may lose big on the auction of the domain name  Advertised as a "Premium Domain - Fast Sale - 326,000,000 Results", the owner looks to have acquired the name via Sedo in June 2008 for $15,682.00.  However, the way the auction is going (which closes in an hour), … [Read more...]

As Call of Duty: Black Ops sets records, BuyDomains increases prices of Warfare domain names

With Call of Duty Black Ops setting a record for Activision as the company's best selling game, Warfare-related domain names owned by BuyDomains continue to increase in price.  It's a safe bet that Activision's next installment for Call of Duty will take place in outerspace in a Halo-like … [Read more...]

Predictions on the next Facebook game title by Zynga

With Zynga's latest Facebook game Cityville topping the charts as the most popular Facebook game in 2010, I thought I'd offer up a few predictions on Zynga's next blockbuster game title in 2011.  With Cityville, Farmville, and Frontierville numbering daily users in the millions, one can only guess … [Read more...]

If you spend $100,000+ on a Promoted Tweet, should you spend $10 for the matching domain?

Over on my Twitter blog, I've written about Promoted Tweets and domain names before, but it's still surprising to see companies spending six-figures for a Promoted Tweet without spending a dime on the domain name that matches the hashtag included in the promoted tweet.  Earlier this month, … [Read more...]

Calvin Ayre offers up 8 predictions for the gambling industry in 2011

If you're a gambling domain investor and are curious about what Calvin Ayre has to say about the gambling industry, today he offered up 8 predictions for what's to come in 2011.  The buyer behind and in 2010, Calvin Ayre didn't hint at the sale price of, or … [Read more...]

Must-see website: Latest offers above $10,000 on domains that were rejected by Worldwide Media

Mike Berkens of the popular domain news blog, The Domains, has launched a new corporate site for his company WorldWide Media -  According to a brief online interview posted on Elliot's Blog: "WWMI will be part of a new company that will be announced early in January that will specialize in … [Read more...]

Hot Trends: Cloud domain names in 2011

A lot of writers are predicting hot trends for 2011 and one trend in particular that seems to stand out among many of the stories is "cloud computing", a term that refers to accessing computer services over the internet or "cloud".   The terms internet and cloud are interchangeable.  Google Docs … [Read more...]

Roughly valued at $55,000, expires

Despite the high priced public sales of domain names in 2010, it's still hard to believe the caliber of some domain names that individuals and companies let expire.  This year alone, sold for $131,400, sold for $18,800, sold for $13,100, and sold for … [Read more...]

$38,000 domain sold in June at Moniker, now the most popular Facebook application

After selling for $38,225 in June at Moniker, CityVille is now bigger than FarmVille, Mashable is reporting.   Referring to the latest statistics provided by Appdata, a site that tracks Facebook application metrics, Cityville surpassed Farmville and the Facebook game now has nearly 17 million … [Read more...]