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Biggest domain sale of 2011 nearing completion – Media Corp announces year-end results, update

Perhaps the biggest domain name sale of 2011, Media Corp's, is getting ready to make headlines.  Just hours ago, Media Corp announced its final results for the year ended 2010 through a press release.  While the company showed a better overall performance for its business than the … [Read more...]

Amazon tablet to be called Scratchpad? Domain name registered [UPDATED]

There have been lots of rumors of an Amazon Android tablet.  TechCrunch has been speculating for months that Amazon could very well be working on their own device to compete in the tablet space.  Last week, Amazon's Android App store launched, and shortly after, TechCrunch argued that Amazon … [Read more...]

Google Inc. files domain name dispute over Google TV typo —

Google Inc. has filed a complaint over the domain name with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.  The domain name appears to be a typo of Google's own, which re-directs to the Google TV home page located at   According to Compete, a … [Read more...] sold: New owner pays 60,000 euros ($84,000+ USD) at Sedo

A Stradivarius today can be worth worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.  In 2006 for example, a Stradivari Violin sold for a record $3.5 million at Christie's N.Y.  The 1707 Stradivari violin known as "The Hammer" set a new auction record for a musical instrument of any … [Read more...]

MilitaryGamer: After losing out on “Game of the Year”, Activision doesn’t renew domains: [More]

Dotweekly Editor Jamie Zoch wrote an interesting article this week about spying on company domain names using DomainTools.  The story got me thinking about looking at the name servers of companies like Activision so I could post an article on my other blog, I found something … [Read more...]

Garry Chernoff posts another top-10 domain sale in 2011 with selling for $150,000

On the heels of the top domain name sale of 2011 that saw sell for $500,000 to Gamegos, Garry Chernoff has confirmed by email today that he has sold another domain name which cracked the Top-10 year-to-date sales chart tracked by Ron Jackson's DN Journal.  The domain name, … [Read more...]

How would you prepare for the end-of-the-world? Someone buys the domain for $20,000

While some people are saving up enough money to last them until December 2012, someone has spent $20,000 for the domain name, according to Sedo GreatDomains. The domain name is currently in Sedo's Transfer Service, so it won't be known for some time what's in store for the … [Read more...]

Mike Berkens’ Worldwide Media reports new sales activity:,, and more

Mike Berken's Worldwide Media publicly reported sales of five new domain names totalling nearly $100,000 USD.  The reported sales include a pair of domains, and, for $50,000. was purchased for $1,298 in 2006 at the … [Read more...] The first .com domain in the world turns 26-years-old Tuesday, March 15

This Tuesday the domain name will be 26-years-old.  While news of the anniversary isn't frontpage this week, last year at this time, was celebrating its 25th birthday and was the subject of much discussion.  News outlets ranging from Wired to BBC covered the … [Read more...]

Charlie Sheen gets control of domain name, launches website

A week ago, I was the first domain blogger to write about the celebrity domain name, and celebrity domain disputes, since the former star of Two and a Half Men had begun his public meltdown.  As I had written in the story, Jeff Burgar of Alberta Hot Rods, was the registrant of … [Read more...]