Despite shaky relationship with Twitter, UberMedia buys the domain name


Despite having its apps suspended earlier this year by Twitter for violating the company’s policies, one of which included trademark infringement, that hasn’t stopped UberMedia from purchasing the domain name 

The company which is owned by IdeaLab and was previously called UberTwitter, registered the domain name earlier this week on May 18 according to registrant records.

   130 W. Union Street
   Pasadena, California 91103
   United States

      Created on: 18-May-11
      Expires on: 18-May-12
      Last Updated on: 18-May-11 could be considered a trademark infringing domain name on not one but two widely used products, Twitter and Apple’s iPad. 

Given IdeaLab’s affinity for domain names and its shaky trackrecord with Twitter, the registration is surprising, but then UberMedia has had its share of scandal and news in 2011.

After the shutdown of its popular apps in February, the company recently lost to Twitter in its bid for TweetDeck. 

Rumors have surfaced that UberMedia may have plans to launch a competitor site to Twitter that addresses many of the problems users complain about.

As of right now, the domain name doesn’t resolve.