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Apple files domain name dispute over,

Apple's legal department has been keeping busy in 2011, filing a new domain name dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over five names which belong to the same owner: Wachter Consulting Inc. A total of ten cases have been filed by Apple Inc in 2011 going back to … [Read more...]

Google quietly reveals GOMO, a service that mobilizes your site [UPDATED]

Early in September, I wrote about Google registering the domain names,, and, and I wondered why the search engine giant went out and bought the web addresses. Well, it looks like we finally know why. Although currently 'Access Restricted', … [Read more...]

Is Tumblr working on a secret yet-to-be-revealed project called Seltzer?

Tumblr is continuing its rise in the social media ranks, with milestones such as President Obama's campaign for 2012 experimenting with the platform. Now, it appears Tumblr is getting ready to roll out something new called Seltzer. Several private domain name registrations were made this … [Read more...]

Looks like Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 4, 5, and 6, headed for big screen

With the massive success of the Paranormal Activity franchise, it's no surprise that Paramount is eyeing at least three more films in the supernatural horror film series. While it could be nothing more than defensive domain registrations, this week, Paramount has gone out and registered several … [Read more...]

Google registers ‘Maps Matter’ domain names

With changes being released for Google Maps like business interiors in Street View, it appears an online marketing campaign might be in store for the search engine giant. On October 28, 2011, Google registered a handful of domains like and While neither … [Read more...]

Domain names point to sequel being called Rainbow Six: Patriots [UPDATED]

There has been a lot of buzz about the upcoming Rainbow Six game by Ubisoft said to take place in New York. While not much is known about the game, the title of the game might have been revealed in Ubisoft's recent domain registrations. On the same day Ubisoft registered names for other games … [Read more...]

A&E Television Networks acquires hundreds of pro- and anti-domain names

A&E Television Networks has gone on a buying spree and made hundreds of defensive domain purchases ranging from to Days ago A&E posted a job listing that is still online for an IP Attorney to be part of the company's legal team.  Among the … [Read more...] Google buys domain for secret new site [UPDATED]

In September I wrote about Google acquiring the domain name after the domain name had expired. Then, in early October, Google unveiled the 'One World Many Stories' website that showcases stories of how people use Google Earth to discover more about the world.  The site was … [Read more...]

Amazon has plans to launch “Flow”

Domain name registrations are often a good indication of future plans by companies. So based on recent domain names purchased by Amazon I would say that the company has plans to unveil something new called Flow. On October 26, Amazon registered several names through the internet brand … [Read more...]

Del Toro’s monster movie will be called ‘Still Seas’, according to domain names

Director Guillermo del Toro will begin shooting his monsters versus mechas movie for Warner Bros at the end of this month at the Pinewood Toronto Studios. Excepted to be titled either "Pacific Rim" or "Still Seas", it looks like an official name may have finally been decided: Still Seas. On … [Read more...]