Film on Apple’s co-founder will be titled Steve Jobs, according to registrations

Steve Jobs

Sony Pictures recently acquired the rights to the biography on Apple’s late co-founder and chairman simply titled “Steve Jobs”, by Walter Isaacson.

Originally called iSteve: the Book Of Jobs, Isaacson eventually persuaded his publisher Simon & Schuster to change the book title.

It now appears the film will keep the same title of the non-fiction book when it’s released in theaters, according to eight recent domain name registrations by Sony Pictures made on October 11, 2011, that include domains like and

The full list of registrations include:,,,,,,, and

Sony Pictures did not secure the domains for or 

Both of those domains were registered back in late August by Stoneport LLC, a web design company out of Virginia, shortly after Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple.  Each web address resolves to an empty business profile page provided by Network Solutions.

Discussion: Yahoo! News, WhatCulture! and 9to5mac

(Photo of Steve Jobs showing off iPhone 4 via Matt Yohe)