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Zynga buys up ‘Mafia Wars Shakedown’ domain names, drops hints on Android

Mafia Wars Shakedown

Earlier this week, Zynga bought up nearly 50 new domain names for its newly revealed ‘Mafia Wars Shakedown‘ game for iOS devices.

While the game will first release on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, it appears Zynga has plans to make it available for Android users as well, as the registrations include names such as and

As reported on Thursday: “News of the game appeared when it replaced the Facebook page for Mafia Wars: Atlantic City, which was shuttered earlier this month in preparation for a “a much more exciting destination”.

The list of names registered through the brand protection company MarkMonitor, includes many defensive registrations, but what’s missing from the list is:  The domain name was registered in August 2011 at Moniker and is currently marked private.  The web page for points to a Sedo parked page that displays third-party ads. 

While it’s unknown whether Zynga officially owns, it’s entirely possible the company is waiting to re-direct the name to its Facebook page once it officially launches.  Also, purchasing the name at Moniker instead of MarkMonitor, may have been its approach to throwing sleuths off its trail.

Here’s the full list of domain names registered at MarkMonitor.  WARNING: A couple of the registrations include profanity.

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[…] Mafia Wars Shakedown coming to Android? – Last week Zynga revealed that a new Mafia Wars game, Mafia Wars Shakedown, was coming to iOS. As they’ve done before, Zynga went on a domain name buying spree in anticipation of the launch. Tech blog Fusible noticed, Zynga registered several domains such as, which point towards an eventual Android release. For the full list of Shakedown domains, read the Fusible article here. […]

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