Microsoft acquires and other Halo related domain names

Halo: Corpse Humping

Microsoft has made some interesting domain name acquisitions this month that might create excitement for Halo fans.

And I’m not talking about names like Halo 13 or Halo Kinect 3D, I’m talking about names like and 

According to Whois records, Microsoft is now the owner of several Halo related domains, that were first registered years ago. 

Although the domains may be nothing more than part of the company’s intellectual property strategy to protect its Halo brand, they are certainly interesting.

Here’s a look at the company’s latest Halo related domain acquisitions.  

[Update 1 on January 23, 2012:  I’ve discovered many more domains acquired by Microsoft via Melbourne IT DBS and added them to the list above like and]

Discussion: The Next Web, GeekWire, Business Insider,,, @PatrickKlepek and This Is Xbox

(Image of Halo player repeatedly crouching while standing over a dead enemy via Halo Wikia)


  1. those domain names are regged in 2008

  2. nvm , you’re right they did change registrants not long ago 😀

  3. says

    Yup, as I mentioned in the article, they were first regged years ago, but it wasn’t until this month that Microsoft took ownership of the names.  The previous owner was hidden behind Whois privacy.