Apple secures domain

Apple has secured the dot-xxx adult domain (Whois), preventing anyone else from using the name of the company's late co-founder. This week, Apple officially took control of the domain through the registrar Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that helps protect many of the … [Read more...]

Electronic Arts registers Quicklime Games via brand protection company

Electronic Arts made an interesting domain purchase this week through CSC, a company that helps businesses protect their brands.  On January 4, EA registered the domain name (WHOIS). It's unknown why the company registered the name.  The web address currently does not … [Read more...]

Motorola gets 7 years after launch, in time for Droid RAZR

Seven years after Motorola launched the Motorola RAZR, called by some the "iPod of Mobile Phones", it has secured the rights to the domain name, through Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that specializes in corporate identity protection. While the RAZR is one … [Read more...]

Who’s planning a Big War game? CSC’s newest domains aren’t your average buys

An unnamed organization using the domain services of Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that caters to some of the world's most successful organizations, has registered a slew of domain names that hint at the possibility of a massive multiplayer war game called: Big War … [Read more...]