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Activision has purchased the domain, quietly


Activision has acquired the domain name using MarkMonitor, a brand protection company. 

The domain was purchased earlier this month from BuyDomains, an online marketplace that owns hundreds of thousands of domains.  

On July 6 the registrant information switched from BuyDomains to DNStination, Inc. (the name of MarkMonitor’s domain buying service) according to Whois history. 

Then only days ago on July 8, the Whois information switched again, this time to Activision Publishing’s Mary Tuck. was listed for sale online with a buy-it-now price of just $1,588, however the final sale price wasn’t made available, so it’s unknown whether Activision paid a different amount.

Unlike previous domain purchases by Activision which are easy to spot because the company regularly uses for its name servers, this purchase was done using a more stealthy approach.  When the name came out from behind Whois privacy, it switched from MarkMonitor’s name servers to, which just so happens to be the same name server of its most popular web address, [Whois].

Here’s a look at the current Whois record via DomainTools.


Obviously, the game publisher has plans for the name to acquire it on the aftermarket instead of registering it for the first time, but at this point, it’s hard to speculate as to what game the company is planning to develop.

At the time of this posting, no other gaming news site or blog has reported this news.  Nor has anyone written about Activision releasing a game called: Survival Adventure.