Warner Bros. Entertainment wins dispute over ThunderCats.com domain name

With the return of ThunderCats back to television, the domain name ThunderCats.com has been ordered transferred to Warner Bros. by a single member panel of the National Arbitration Forum. The respondent in the domain dispute was Equity LLC / Name Admin of New York. On the point of … [Read more...]

HappyFeet2.com official site on the way, Warner Bros. wins domain dispute

Fans of Happy Feet will be happy to know, that soon enough, when they type in the web address happyfeet2.com into their web browser they'll be redirected to official web site of Warner Bros' Happy Feet 2, set to premier in the U.S. on November 17, 2011, instead of a Go Daddy parked page. In early … [Read more...]

With return of ThunderCats, comes domain dispute over ThunderCats.com

 An all-new ThunderCats animated series premieres on Cartoon Network tonight. Warner Bros anticipates the series will appeal to viewers who have loved the characters all their lives as well as young newcomers to the franchise.  That, according to a press release. Now with all the hype … [Read more...]

Domain dispute over ManofSteel.com, film set for release in December 2012

Updated July 20, 2011:  Turns out the complainant in the case was DC Comics, not Warner Bros.  A single-member panel has ruled in favor of DC Comics and ordered the domain name to be transferred.  Details here. ** It appears Warner Bros wants the domain name ManofSteel.com for its big film … [Read more...]