Owner of cashes in on domain name, and sells

Jersey Shore GirlsIn early January we wrote about the domain name and how the owner failed to cash in on the success of MTV’s Jersey Shore reality TV series, as a blank page served as the home page instead of a destination web site for the Jersey Shore. 

In January 2010, traffic to jumped to over 25,000 unique visitors according to and now the domain has changed hands on March 28, 2010 to the owner of

Ironically, the owner of left a comment back in January on our old Commenting system:

I am a big fan of Wildwood and the Jersey Shore. The southern Jersey Shore is a much different atmosphere then portrayed by the MTV show…

Details on the price are unknown, but you can guarantee this is a geo domain name worth owning with MTV pushing out free marketing for the web site. 

MTV has just started production on Season 2 of the popular reality show which will air this summer.