Expired Domain Name Attracts Several Early Bidders, Despite Low Statistics

"Dr Evil Gazillion Trillion Dollars"Some people make millions.  Some people make billions.  But now is available after expiring on March 20, 2010. 

In case you’re wondering just how much a Gazillion is, it’s an extremely large, indeterminate number.  Saying a Gazillion, is kinda like saying Dr. Evil’s memorable quote in Austin Powers for a ransom amount of, “One… Hundred… BILLION DOLLARS!”.

In 2003, the domain name was owned by WackyLotto – a website that claimed to run a $10,000,000 online Daily Lotto.  The site is now offline.

Despite a low vaulation, low monthly search volume under 1,000 searches,and zero traffic, the domain has attracted over 40 bidders at NameJet with the current high pre-bid of $230.  The name doesn’t go to auction until April 23, 2010.