YummyNames Publishes Pricing on Thousands of their domain names, Take a Peek at what they charge

tucows yummy namesYummyNames (yummynames.com), the service of Tucows, with tens of thousands of domains in their portfolio for sale is publishing the pricing in more of their domain names.  Over the past two years, the site put a Contact Us link for the majority of their domains, but that has changed.

Not everyone knows exactly the best way to price their domain names.  We often use Valuate.com, but we also use our gut.  Would we ever let PocketPair.com go for $1,000 [the Valuate appraisal]?  No chance, but that’s because we’re familiar with Poker and pocket pair is a frequently used term among players.  But often if a person inquires about a domain we generally start pricing using Valuate as a guide.

Now YummyNames has published the pricing on hundreds and thousands of their names, so no more guessing at the prices or waiting to hear back from a rep.  This may have occurred weeks ago, but we just noticed the updates.

YummyNames owns “Yucky Names”, too
YummyNames lists so-so names that are pretty much yucky names like firstaid101.org, listed for $477.  But we own our own portfolio of bad names, and it’s good to see YummyNames does too.  However, many of their premium domain names like moonlighting.com and veggies.com though are still listed as negotiable.  One of the higher priced names we found so far was classacts.com for $9,777.

We took the site for a test drive to see what some of our names might be priced if they were owned by Tucows.  Tucows for example lists StudentLoanCompany.com for sale for $7,177 – and we own several similar domains like StudentLoancenter.com – which is in line with our own pricing.

Pricing depends on a lot of factors, but if you’re looking ideas on pricing of mediocre domains to premium domains, YummyNames might be a good place to look.