The Twitter Glossary and its available domain names

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The popular Twitter term "Retweet", can be used as a noun or a verb according to the Twitter glossary.

The Twitter Glossary, part of the official Twitter Help Center, contains lingo used frequently to talk about the company’s features and services. 

Visitors can browse the definitions for “hovercards” and “promoted tweets”, and believe it or not, still lurking throughout the Glossary are a number of available domain names. 

Twitter Glossary Terms

Because of the number of .COM registrations, it’s a lot more difficult to find domain names available that have immediate potential for an investor, whether the domain name is intended for resale or development. 

However, with the soaring popularity of Twitter, a number of web sites and terms have been made popular by the microblogging service – so as the Twitter vocabulary becomes more widely used, if you have plans for a third-party Twitter service, owning a relevant term could help your branding and marketing efforts. 

Five years ago, no one really cared about the term “Tweet”, but now the term is plastered all over the internet.

Twitter is regularly updating its web site, blog, and Help Center, so if you dig around you might discover some keywords that no one else has registered.

Available Domain Names

The Twitter Glossary goes from A to Z and includes well-known terms such as “goodies” and lesser known terms like “home timeline”.  Examples of Twitter lingo include: cyberbullying, cyberharassment, direct message, DM, favorite and dozens more.

Now, if you’re looking for some available domain names, you can always scour the Twitter blog and find domains like, or available.  But here’s a couple Glossary Terms (along with their Twitter definitions) I found that are still available for hand registration at the time this story appeared online. 

And just because they’re listed in the Twitter glossary, that’s not to say they’re worth even the registration fee, but if you dig through the site and Help Center, you might stumble upon a term that interests you — and is available.

Follow Count ( – The numbers that reflect how many people you follow, and how many people follow you. Found on your Twitter Profile.

Over Capacity Page ( – Users sometimes refer to this page as the “Fail Whale” page. The “Twitter is over capacity” message and a whale image shows up when our site is having trouble keeping up with traffic.


If you own a twitter related domain like, feel free to share it in the comments.