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As Call of Duty: Black Ops sets records, BuyDomains increases prices of Warfare domain names

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With Call of Duty Black Ops setting a record for Activision as the company’s best selling game, Warfare-related domain names owned by BuyDomains continue to increase in price. 

It’s a safe bet that Activision’s next installment for Call of Duty will take place in outerspace in a Halo-like environment. 

As I wrote about on my military gaming blog, Chris Morris, a writer with Gamasutra, first broke the news on Nov. 9 that Activision could be headed towards a future landscape (with space marines) for its next game title.   But that wasn’t a big surprise for many Call of Duty fans.  The Gamasutra story confirmed what many already thought about the possibility of a futuristic Call of Duty last May, after domains registered by Activision were uncovered by superannuation.  The registrations included names such as,,, and a number of variations including,, and  The company also registered and, as well as and

Prices of Warfare domains

As reported in early December, BuyDomains upped the price of from $50,000 to to $63,200.  As of today, the price tag now sits at six-figures: $102,000.

And isn’t the only War domain that saw a price increase. 

In late November, was listed for $3,788.  Now the buy-it-now price has risen to $6,000., another BuyDomains name and candidate for the next Call of Duty game installment, also leaped in price to $8,000.

Warfare Domains

Warfare domain names are generic in nature, so BuyDomains is doing what many of us might do by increasing the list price.

But amid all the hype of Call of Duty Black Ops, no one has acquired the names, not even Activision.

As demand for Call of Duty Black Ops remains strong, prices for warfare domains look to inch higher and higher, as speculation for the next Call of Duty title picks up in the news and blogs.  And BuyDomains owns one of the best lots.

Even I got caught up in warfare domains, hand registering in November. 

Odd Warfare names, you may have heard of

Some of the oddest warfare names are “Flower Warfare” and “Cardboard Warfare”.  

And if you’ve heard of Freddie Wong, chances are you’ve heard of these phrases.  Freddie recently released his “Future First Person Shooter” video, which has already hit 7 million  views on YouTube in a week’s time.  Here’s a look at “Flower Warfare” in case you have never seen a freddiew film.

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