Former OASIS star Noel Gallagher wines and dines owner of (who demanded small fortune for domain)

Noel Gallagher

The Sun has an interesting story published today about musician Noel Gallagher who split from the English band OASIS.  The artist who has become a solo artist, decided it was time to get with the times, and get online. 

According to the Sun, the domain name, was registered over 10 years ago by a Spanish OASIS fan who demanded a small fortune for the domain name from the English Star. 

Instead of paying the money outright, Noel decided to wine and dine the fan, who eventually agreed to turn over the domain name for signed memorabilia and guest list passes to Noel’s upcoming solo shows.

Noel took matters into his own hands last week. He paid for the Spaniard to fly to London, put him up in a plush hotel and met him in person to thunder out a deal.

And after some serious haggling, and a few Oasis anecdotes, the chancer changed his demands from tens of thousands of pounds – to some signed memorabilia and guest list action at Noel’s next solo gigs.

Instead of filing for a domain dispute (which Noel may not even be familiar with), it looks like he found it easier to go this route.

According to Whois records, the domain name is registered to a Steve Ithell, and was last updated in March 2010.

Steve Ithell
   54 Linhope Street
   London, London NW1 6HL
   United Kingdom

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