Reinvent’s Group buying site heads to Edmonton

Good News Edmonton

Kevin Ham and his staff at Reinvent have been staying busy the last couple years developing their network of domain names into independent businesses through their lab.  But the last week has been even busier for Reinvent’s Kevin Ham, who is reported to have purchased, the viral web app created by Mark Bao. Now add to that the expansion of Reinvent’s group-buying site into Edmonton (or #YEG on Twitter, which refers to the airport code for Edmonton International).  

In a message posted to Twitter, the company writes, “We’re super busy in the office today getting prepared for launching @GoodNews_EDM tomorrow!”. is a little different than other group buying sites.  The site’s motto has evolved over the past few months into, “Good Deals + Good Businesses + Good Causes =”.

How does GoodNews do this? 

According to, “To accomplish this, we’re working with local businesses to put together amazing deals, and then pairing every deal with a meaningful local cause. A portion of the proceeds from each deal purchased goes directly to the cause. Now it’s easy for all of us to donate and contribute to our local community.”

With group buying a hot business in 2011, the competition is fierce.  But GoodNews seems to be making a difference with its first expansion into another major city from Vancouver to Edmonton. 

Owning and operating has helped grow in its short time online within Canada.  Now with the site offering daily deals in Edmonton starting tomorrow, it looks to be competing with GroupOn and other major players in the group buying space.  Despite GroupOn having a huge footprint worldwide, one thing the group buying giant might not realize is that Reinvent has a network of over 600,000 category killing domain names at their disposal to market and advertise their business.

Vancouver and Edmonton are just the beginning 

If the number of Twitter and Facebook pages GoodNews has set up is any indication of the company’s plans for expansion, Canada is just the beginning. 

The company has both Twitter and Facebook pages set up for Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and several other cities within in Canada.  But other pages are also springing up in other countries like Sydney, Australia.