Calvin Ayre looking for feedback on $3.5 million domain name

On Wednesday, Calvin Ayre’s Bodog issued a press release.  The company is looking for feedback on its web site which recently launched into beta. 

“In this early launch period,, is seeking feedback and giving customers the chance to be part of the growth plan by shaping the future of the site. The initial slots offering will see significant additions over the months as reacts to the directives of its players,” reads the opening of the release.

Shortly after the press release went online, Jamie Hinks a writer for Calvin Ayre’s Tablog posted a story that talks more about the domain, and less about the website, entitled: needs you!

“For a site that generates 35.1million hits on Google for “Slots” it’s little wonder that the amount paid was the most in 2010 and one of the top ten ever. Only second to,’s European Head of Marketing, Charlie Goodenough, believes that is the best gaming domain in the world, better than even because there are no strong brands in the space.”

Gambling domain names are an exciting space.  As I wrote earlier in the week, the deal for is expected to complete in the second quarter, and Calvin Ayre has been rumored to be a possible buyer.  Also, later today, Governor Chris Christie is expected to make a decision on New Jersey’s internet gambling bill.

UPDATE:  Governor Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed the bill.  Hope isn’t lost though, as Bill Beaty reports over at