News sold: New owner pays 60,000 euros ($84,000+ USD) at Sedo


A Stradivarius today can be worth worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. 

In 2006 for example, a Stradivari Violin sold for a record $3.5 million at Christie’s N.Y.  The 1707 Stradivari violin known as “The Hammer” set a new auction record for a musical instrument of any kind, according to Bloomberg

Now today, Sedo GreatDomains is reporting the sale of the domain,, for approximatley 60,000 euros.

While the sale of the domain name,, won’t necessarily set any records, as of today, the sale lands itself in DN Journal’s Top 100 YTD sales for 2011, near the top-10 of the year. 

Notable instrument-domain sales

There have been other notable “instrument” domain name sales in the past.  In 2008, sold for $35,000 and sold for $29,000. 

However, it’s guitar-related domain names that appear to fetch some of the highest prices on the aftermarket., which was purchased by the operators of, sold for over $100,000 in 2007.  In recent years, sales have included: ($42,700.00), ($35,000.00), ($30,000.00), ($25,000.00), and plenty more.

Buyer of

It’s unclear what will become of the domain name,  The new registrant shows as the owners of, according to DomainTools

KRESCENDO Multimedia, which operates the domain, is a web design company. 

Whether the domain will be used to brand the company as a signature of “excellence” for its services or whether the domain is being managed for a client, at the moment, the website shows nothing more than an “Under Construction” page.