Flippa’s biggest officially reported sale ever at $400,000, back up for sale at auction site


s9.com which sold for a reported $400,000 in 2010 and became Flippa’s biggest-ever sale at the time, is back up for auction on the website/domain marketplace and drawing skeptical comments from users. 

“You have bought the website for more than 400K, and now the bid starts at 150K ?”, commented one user.

According to the seller, “The current owners have not had the time to develop this site.”

Now the site is back up for sale.

In November, Flippa officially announced that s9.com, an online biographical dictionary, had set a new sales record for the company.  s9, was one of many sales that the company claims helped it pass the $50MM sales mark in less than 2 years, according to a recent press release published on BusinessWire.

Anything and everything at Flippa

While there’s no reason to doubt the sale of s9.com ever took place in 2010, Flippa lists anything and everything that meets its reserve or buy-it-now price as a sale, even though it doesn’t act as an Escrow service.  As a result, it’s impossible to know whether both parties ever complete a deal.

s9’s seller isn’t hoping to take a loss on the website/domain.  Although the starting bid is set to start at $150,000, the buy-it-now price is $550,000. 

But s9 is no longer the biggest-ever sale for Flippa.  According to sales history and as reported by Domain blogger Morgan Linton, an established ClickBank webiste (URL hidden) sold for a reported $1,160,000 this past week.

However, the deal hasn’t been officially reported by Flippa as of yet.  As seen with previous high dollar sales, the company normally writes a post on its blog.