Reinvent’s Beat powers

Soap Opera

I reported back in early April that Kevin Ham’s Reinvent Inc had launched a new social media venture called Beat ( shortly after announcing the shutdown of, it’s group-buying service.

The idea behind Beat is to tell you how people feel about any topic, person, place or thing.   For example, what are your thoughts on what you can learn from soap operas?  One person commented that, “when you die…you don’t really. You can always come back as an evil twin.” 

If soap operas aren’t your thing though, there is plenty of other stuff to discuss on the site.  The current list of topics includes celebrities, do it yourself, music, secrets, self help, and over a dozen more.  

And Reinvent isn’t completely relying on visitors to click on the link from to leave their thoughts on soap operas, the company is using direct navigation.  Users who happen to type in, a URL that receives thousands of unique visitors per month according to Compete, will land on the soap opera web page [screenshot above].

With hundreds of thousands of category-killer domains at its disposal, Reinvent could rapidly grow traffic to Beat as it did with GoodNews.  At this point though, it appears Reinvent’s parked domains such as aren’t displaying any type of advertising for

While Reinvent works on developing Beat, the company has also been busy working on one of it’s more public acquisitions —